Prague Chi Xiao Mian

Taste the authentic flavor of Chi Xiao Mian, Chongqing's small noodles.

8/4/20231 min read

Chi Xiao Mian, Prague, Czech Republic

It is a spicy and popular delicious dish. The thin noodles dance lightly and delicately into the heart. The spicy taste stimulates the taste buds, accompanied by the aroma of slightly drunk peppercorns, playing a fascinating symphony of taste. The beef and bean sprouts are just right, adding layers to the Chongqing small noodles, leaving an aftertaste. The refreshing coriander is like a poem and a painting, harmonizing the passionate spiciness with a touch of green. The crushed peanuts are crispy, fragrant, and sweet, becoming a warm touch in the spiciness.