Japanese Elegance

Hikari Sushi Bar's Japanese cuisine feast.

8/4/20231 min read

Hikari Sushi Bar is an elegant and noble Japanese restaurant that presents unique and exquisite culinary art. This young and spiritual sushi restaurant offers you an outstanding culinary journey. This is not just a simple sushi restaurant, but a place for pursuing excellent taste. The gentle music harmoniously echoes, and the atmosphere is condensed and solemn, making you feel as if you are in the Zen realm of food. Hikari Sushi Bar inherits tradition and is innovative, igniting new brilliance for Japanese cuisine. Here, you will discover extraordinary taste adventures, experience the subtle interweaving of youth and elegance in food, and let your taste buds dance, as if noble people tasting elegant cuisine, intoxicated in the unparalleled world of high-end cuisine.

Hikari Sushi, Prague, Czech Republic